B&G Sweet Heat Peppers

Cookin' in the Commercial Kitchen!

Joe Culianan

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About B&G Sweet Heat Peppers

Cristy Kraus - For our peppers fans on the West Side of Washington our good friend Cristy is bring the peppers to you.  Fun fact about Cristy-  she shared a recipe with Bob  several years ago which over time developed and changed into the B&G Sweet Heat Peppers you now enjoy.  We need to get a picture of Cristy.  

Bob & Gail Emmons  

Owners Bob and Gail Emmons started the company located in Spokane, Washington. Bob fell in love with candied jalapenos over 20 years ago and successfully made his first homemade batch of peppers in 2011. After years of Gail and Bob’s family and friends encouraging them to sell them, they tested the idea as a fund raiser for their son, Carson Brock, to go on a school trip in 2013. The peppers and the marinade received such an overwhelming response they continued with the business and participated in one high school craft fair late 2014. The sales and repeat customers started and they decided they needed to form an LLC and obtain all of the necessary permitting. B&G, named after the owners, received WSDA permitting in October of 2015. B&G Sweet Heat Peppers do all of their processing in a non-profit commercial kitchen in the Spokane Valley. The peppers are ordered from a local produce wholesaler. Often times during the summer months, the peppers come from Wapato, Washington. All of the products used are all natural with no chemical, coloring, or artificial flavors added.

 During the spring and fall months, you can find them at Jim Custer Enterprises Arts & Crafts show in Spokane and Pasco, Fairwood Farmers Market May-October, and all sorts of local college and high school events. Their friends at Sonnenbergs Market and Deli are supporting B&G Sweet Heat Peppers by carrying their products on the shelves. They hope to be in other retail locations in Spokane and the Tri Cities area, as well as participating in other events as they continue to grow.